Examples of Decca Record Labels
Decca ffss Wide Band Label Decca ffss Narrow Band Label Decca Ace of Diamonds Label Decca Eclipse Label  
ffss wide band label
- early SXL releases.
ffss narrow band label - later SXL releases.
Ace of Diamonds
first re-issue series
SDD numbers.
second re-issue series ECS numbers.
Decca World of the Great... Label London ffrr Label Decca Phase Four Label London Stereo Treasury Series Label  
World of the Great Classics series - SPA numbers.
London ffrr series same as ffss but with CS numbers.
Phase 4 series
PFS numbers.
ffrr Stereo Treasury series - STS numbers.
London Enterprise Label Decca ffss Wideband 10inch Label    
London Enterprise
series - numbered.
ffss wideband label
early SWL numbers on 10" discs.
Decca Jubilee Late 1970s re-issues JB nos.
Decca ffss boxed set plum label Decca ffss Narrow Band  red label MCA American Decca Gold Label    
label used mainly for boxed sets DPA or SET numbers.
ffss red label used on
some SXL numbers.
American retro styled MCA discs with DL numbering.