Shostakovich  Overture on Russian & Kirghiz Folk Themes. 
Symphony No. 1
Maksim Shostakovich/Yuri Aranovich  Moscow Radio Symphony Orchestra
Angel/Melodiya SR 40192                                                            A/B  £10.00
Dmitri Shostakovich (1906 - 1975). Leading 20th Century Russian Composer. Works include 15 symphonies and 9 string quartets. Had a troubled relationship with the communist regime. Classical records by famous composers always in stock at bpb classics.

"The first symphony is to my mind a perfect work, and what mortal can improve on that?"

"It is dramatic, intense lyrical and yet essentially non-Romantic... I have heard dressier performances of this music but I've never encountered one which impressed and convinced me more quickly and more thoroughly"
Lester Trimble  - The Stereo Review Oct 1972
Dimitri Shostakovich